Monster breakfasts


When the Honey Monster contacted me to tell me that has launched some  new Choco WOWs and Honey WOWs cereal and some new Stix cereal bars in two tasty flavours I was very excited and jumped at the chance to try them. I love sugar puffs so was really interested in trying the new cereals. The milk chocolate or honey coated multigrain hoops with oats and crisped rice, Stix cereal bars are made from crisp rice and Sugar Puffs.

I have to say I was not that impressed with the cereal, they looked nice and the kids seem to enjoy it but I didn’t. I would like them to be a bit sweeter as I hate bland cereal. When it came to the Stix cereal bars it was a different story. We have been fighting over these in our house and by the time I came to take the photo the day after they arrived we only had two Marshmallow and Vanilla yogurt bars left. All of the honeycomb and Milk chocolate Stix went pretty quickly and it was a scramble to get hold of one before Alison ate them all but I managed it.

We really enjoyed the Stix cereal bars in both flavours and these will be making their way onto our shopping list soon.

The Honey Monster is on tour at the moment visiting Tesco Extras up and down the country check out his tour schedule on this link