What a wonderful wig

We went to the cinema today to see Wreck it Ralph. An ordinary day like all others but today something changed. For the first time since we took the wig for a hair cut Elizabeth actually asked to wear her hair.

We were trying to get Alison to wear hers in a hair band because it always gets knotty but she wasn’t having any of it. Elizabeth asks if she can have a hair band in her hair. I didn’t expect it to last long. I thought we might not even get out of the house with it still on let alone get to the cinema.

I was wrong. The photo above was taken AFTER the film. She wore the wig all the way through and even wore it all the way home. She loved looking in the mirror in the bathroom which is what she was doing when I sneaked and took this picture.

I asked her about her wig before bed. I asked her how she felt when she was wearing it and if she would like to wear it again.

She said she loved feeling pretty and normal. Like a girl again. She loved the fact that no one looked at her or pointed at her. She said that everyone ignored her and that it was really nice. She wanted to wear it to bed. I know she will wear it again. I suppose it is like an invisibility cloak.

It amazes me how observant she is and how much she notices without saying anything and it also breaks my heart a little that people are so cruel without realising it. Staring at someone who is different or whispering wondering what it wrong might seem like you are doing no harm but it is chipping away at that persons self confidence, making them feel inadequate and maybe even making them unhappy.

My baby shouldn’t have to wear a wig to feel normal but I still think it is a wonderful thing if it can make her feel better about herself.