What’s wrong with a bit of horse?

Whilst britains up and down the country are worried about the presence of horse meat in our food it had me wondering Why don’t we eat Horse?

We are happy to eat ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep and cows all of which live side by side on a farm with horses. What exactly is it about a horse that means it is not for human consumption?

I am sure those of you that have eaten a tesco burger or a findus lasagne recently enjoyed it just as much as you would have done last year (when hopefully they didnt contain horse) so it isn’t the taste that seems to be the problem. It certainly isnt the price as I am sure it must be a cheaper alternative to beef.

Horses have been working side by side with humans for a long time, as a method of transport, as a way of ploughing fields and in battle. Is this why we feel that we can’t eat them?

Higher in calories and fat but lower in cholesterol than beef it could be a low cost meat that would allow the poorest in the community to eat more red meat. They are already eating it in the cheapest of convenience foods so why not a nice bit of horse steak? Or a horse stew with dumplings?

Horse meat is being eaten in countries all over the world and in some places is even thought of as a delicacy. With a sweeter taste that is apparently reminiscent of a mix of beef and venison it is a lean meat that matures well becoming more tender and darker the older the horse is when it is slaughtered. It cooks quicker than both beef and pork so could be perfect for rushed week day dinners saving you not only time but money as well.

I cant see the problem with eating horse as long as I know it is horse that I am eating. Tight food restrictions and correct product labeling could open up the Uk to a new food source.

Now I am going to go grab my tesco value horse meat burgers out of the freezer and make me and Elizabeth some lunch.