How to spend £2000?


Did you hear my news this week?

One of my blog posts won a competition that netted me a whopping £2000 cash.

Obviously it was completely unexpected and the £2000 is not in our budget anywhere so we are debating what to do with it.

With all my budgeting and saving we are currently in a position that we are comfortable with. No outstanding bills and enough money to live on.

We also don’t need anything. Ok we could do with a new washer dryer but we are in the middle of getting the one we have got fixed. I suppose I could do with a new coat but that won’t cost much. We don’t need anything doing to the car as it is brand new and on the mobility scheme so what exactly should we do with the money?

I would really like to use it to make 2013 a fabulous year. We already have our Merlin Passes after I sold my blog to the seo companies last month and we have a holiday to Pontins and five holidays to Butlins already booked and paid for.

I am thinking we should use the money to treat the girls and go to Disneyland Paris.. They haven’t got any great offers on at the moment so I will put the money away in a savings account I can’t easily access and wait it out. So what i want to know is firstly what would you do with £2000 and secondly if you have been to Disneyland Paris would you stay in a disney hotel or stay outside the park and travel in?

If you want to know what blog post managed to net me £2000 here is the link

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