What a Month!

Wow I knew this month would be busy but is it really only 19 days since I finished my job?

With a Jubilee weekend, School holidays, two birthday parties, a midweek break at Butlins and the start of my new career as a childminder I feel as though this month has been here for ….. well months I suppose.

Two days into my new career and I am firmly setting ground rules, ensuring I start my paperwork the way I mean to go on and wondering where all the time goes as I struggle to fit in activities. The kids have all settled well and Alison is coping nicely with having to share her toys.

The biggest surprise has been Elizabeth who is thriving on being 4 and being a big girl now. As soon as I collect her from school she puts on her little fluorescent jacket, takes a child in each hand and walks them to the car. Helping them to cross the road and avoid lamp posts. She says its her boss jacket but apparently I need to have a bigger one as I am the biggest boss. Well at least she understands that much.

June is only just half way through but this weekend comes one of the biggest events on a bloggers social calendar, this weekend is Britmums and I am very excited. I was kindly sponsored by Butlins (as i am sure you are all fed up of hearing) and I was booked a twin room. I don’t actually need two beds so I offering it up to anyone that needs it. So give me a shout if thats you.

I am really looking forward to talking to all the sponsors and enjoying a good drinking sessions with some friends old and new as well as visiting some of the sessions. I am also looking forward to being without children for 2 days.

I wonder what the rest of the year holds for us? If my calendar is anything to go by it will be very busy.