Asda actually listened

When I wrote the post on 7th June about Out of Date produce and bad customer service at Asda (found here) I never expected the response that I got.

After tweeting out my blog post, I had a message from @AsdaServiceTeam asking for my contact details. The next day I received a phone call from someone who had obviously drawn the short straw that day at head office who very politely and professionally handled my complaint.

Whilst away on holiday I received a letter from them ensuring me that the manager of the store had been informed and that they will be checking all the shelves for out of date stock. The gentlemen I had spoken to on the phone had been talked to and they also enclosed a £25 gift card.

Last night I decided to put them to the test, I went to the store with the specific intention of buying as much out of date produce as I could. I hoped to be able to find £25 worth to show them what there gift voucher bought. However I was to be very disappointed, I searched and searched, I reached to the back of shelves, I got down on my knees and I stretched up high. I checked every type of product in three whole aisles (the culprits from the previous shop) and I came up with nothing. Not a single out of date or even near date product to be seen.

I suppose this does go some way to restoring my faith in Asda because at least they responded and acted when they needed to. I spent the voucher on some storage solutions for the kitchen to help out in my childminding duties as I didnt actually need any food shopping.

So this round goes to Asda, thanks for listening but next time lets not make me do the blogging in the first place.