Beauty and the Beast Butlins style

Panto at Butlins has always been brilliant and this year Bognor’s panto is Beauty and the Beast. With stunning costumes, amazing songs and a great story, the characters had us roaring in laughter, cheering in triumph or shouting “Bonjour Madam” along with the rest of the audience. From the hilarious plate scene when Louis and Dotty made a bit of a mess of things to the final dance scene to “i’m a believer” we loved every minute of it.

Elizabeth’s favourite part was when they read out her Birthday although she will be called “Elizabeth Seaham” from now on after Dotty got her name all confused.

I loved seeing some of our favourite redcoats and other Butlins stars in this show in particular Redcoat Josh who is one of the first redcoats we met two years ago and recognises us as soon as he sees us.