10 Ways to Modernise Your Office Meeting Room

Employees are an integral part of any business because they plant the sapling needed for introducing innovation and help in the growth of a company. Every smart organization is very much aware of the fact that they need to provide their employees with all the required tools so that they can increase productivity, spark creativity and stimulate better communication.

According to the statistics, it has been found that 37% of the entire office hours are spent on the meeting rooms. This is the place where all the vital decisions are made which will help the company to bloom. So when we are talking about the modernized office meeting room it indicates to the advancement in the technology sector along with improving the atmosphere of the place.

Paint it white

We all are very aware of how bright and clean colours can bring positivity into the environment. So you can paint your meeting room with white colour because they are non-distracting and it will also help to easily synchronize the colour of the walls with that of the furniture. The white colour is also associated with cleanliness and purity so it will definitely put the people in a  productive mood.

Do not just overdo it with too much white because it will create the sterile environment, which is definitely not appreciated.

Standing table

The table is where all the employees will gather and take important decisions, it can be changed into the standing tables. It is not only a new trend but there is a lot of benefits when it comes to standing during meetings. It will definitely release the endorphin hormone needed to provide energy and will help in maintaining the right posture.

According to the studies, the business meeting’s time is reduced by 34% when the employees are not sitting. You should also concentrate on bringing the furniture which will have the adjustable elements in it so that the employees will not experience a shoulder, back or neck stiffness and pain.

Wireless Technology

Every modern meeting room is incomplete without the wireless technology displays. With the help of these wireless technology, the employees can easily share the content and can easily move around the room. All the user can easily connect their devices to the display and can give the presentation.

So the time lagging will not only get eliminated but it will also reduce a lot of hassles which we face for finding the right cable.

Scheduling system

A scheduling system is very important when it comes to the meeting room. It allows a user or more specifically the meeting planner to schedule everything properly. There will be no overlapping of time and one will be getting all the notifications regarding the time when they can schedule their own meetings. So with one touch, they can schedule their conference from the app.

Tracking cameras

Turn the static meeting rooms into dynamic ones by using the modern settings of the tracking cameras. This tracking camera will also allow the people to easily zoom in the voice of a speaker and capture the motion properly. It will allow the employees to engage themselves more visually.

Add the pinch of nature

Science has advanced a lot and now it gives us a very meaningful message and that is to bring your outside world inside. So instead of using expensive showpieces or office decoratives, one can utilize the greenery for making the employees feel happy and more comfortable.

It will bring all the fresh air into your office space and you will also be promoting the green environment which will be very impactful when any of the business clients are coming into the meeting room.

Remote Technology

Remote Technologies are evolving a lot and meeting rooms should definitely utilize them. In order to connect with people from remote places, one can make use of several pieces of software to connect with them. So the employees can use their computers or mobile devices and connect to the guest or employee and save their time as well as travelling expenses.

Some of the remote technology supporting software is Adobe connect, zoom and WebEx.

4K display 

The level of presentation nowadays has changed a lot. People are using a plethora of spectacular multimedia including videos to advanced graphics for making their presentations more pleasing to the eyes.

In order to utilize the wireless technology properly, one needs to use the 4K display because it is visually appealing. Apart from providing high definition, it will also make the videos look more real and crisp.

Better projector

If you want to modernize your meeting room, then it is the peak time that you should change your projector. There are new projectors which are getting launched into the market and have advanced technology. It will suit your business needs and will allow the employees to utilize a more innovative way to project their presentations.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling is an interesting and new concept which most of the people are fond of. These textured wall panels of any material will put an exterior covering on the walls. They are also made of compostable, recycled and biodegradable material. According to several businessmen, they have said that nobody wants to come to an office which looks very dull as it creates a negative impact on their mind. So you can also use some wall covering with inspiring and colourful images and quotes.

One can also use the 3D wall panels to add a more realistic look to the meeting room. Unique wall panels will grab the attention of everyone. You can also ask your employees to give you some decorative wall panels design.

 A well-structured meeting room will not only increase the zeal of the people to work there but it will also welcome a lot of creative and new ideas. Office rooms or meeting rooms should be renovated with modernized equipment in order to fasten up the processes. If it is needed then you should also change your old office machines starting from the printer, Xerox or even the coffee maker.