Money Saving Tips for Mums

To save money as a mum, you have to focus on the essentials. Kids needs are pretty simple all they need is attention, food, clothing and a roof over their heads. How you choose to give them attention and spend time together is up to you, but in terms of money saving on the rest, follow these simple rules.


Kids can be quite finicky when it comes to eating. Whether you have a “good eater” or not, you can benefit from this piece of advice. Meal planning and preparation makes cooking for the week easy and manageable, but it also makes it more affordable. It takes the guesswork out of what to make, and it prevents food from going to waste. Sit down with your little one if they are old enough, or plan the meals yourself then only buy what you need. It is also worth going to local markets or butchers to get the best deals on fresh produce.  I also recommend that you bag up snacks ahead of time if you are heading out, and dish up meal portions according to what your children normally eat. Make sure you freeze any leftovers as these are a great back up when you are running out of time or ideas.


Kids clothing sizes are pretty straightforward. Most children wear sizes according to their ages. You may need to make some modifications if the child is shorter, but most pants and shorts come with adjustable straps. Shirts vary in width according to the size, but the length variation is insignificant when choosing a bigger or smaller size than what the age of the child would normally wear. Given this information, it’s easy to gauge the time-frame a child would wear a particular size. When winter comes nearly to an end, take the opportunity to buy warm-weather clothing and vice versa once the warm weather is nearly over. This time of year is a great time to pick up clothing for next winter at a great discount. I also recommend checking out your local charity shops. As kids grow so quickly they rarely wear out their clothes before outgrowing them so second-hand clothing can still look like new.


Undoubtedly, four walls and a roof are sufficient to keep you dry, but being a mum means adding comfort to that shelter. It also means peace of mind in having some sort of organisational method to keep things tidy. We furnished our first house solely from Gumtree and the local charity shops. When decorating the kid’s rooms consider using wall stickers. This means that you can change the style of their room easily as they outgrow characters without having to redecorate the whole room.

Coupon sites

Coupon sites are a must for mums. Whether you want to take your kids on an outing or get them the latest toy they desire, coupons will have a huge impact on your money saving. In addition, coupon sites provide all the necessary information you need “under one roof”. You can look up reviews, recommendations, manufacturer site links, coupon codes and other pertinent information. Save yourself headaches by scouring the Internet and head straight to coupon sites. I don’t buy anything online without searching for a discount code or coupon.

Being a mum is wonderful. Being good at money saving while being a mum is phenomenal. Take a breath of fresh air as you venture out, and savour that sweet smell of cash you saved. Then look at investing it with a personal investment plan on this website.