Looking like a lady with Very Dresses #VeryDresses

A few weeks ago I headed across to the Very headquarters to take a look at their party dress range. Now I am not usually interested in this sort of event but with a dinner gala in Paris in the near future, I knew that I needed help to choose the perfect dress for the occasion. The huge selection of Very Dresses on display was a little bit daunting so I asked on of the stylists who were on hand to help point me in the right direct and we took a look at some of the dresses they had on display.


I loved this dark blue peacock inspired dress but unfortunately either I am too short for the dress or it is too long for me because even with lovely shoes like the ones below it was still dragging on the floor.


My next choice was this beautiful silvery grey dress. I loved the cut of this dress and the sparkly bits but I like to wear a proper bra so the neckline put me off a little bit.


I found this bright blue dress which had a great cut, was the perfect length and would allow me to wear a bra but I was very aware that I would need a whole new range of accessories to go with it as I just don’t have anything that would match.


At this point, I was almost losing the will to live. I am just not cut out for wearing dresses or making fashion decisions. The lovely lady that I met suggested we take a look at the Very website together to see the rest of the Very Dresses range. I soon found two dresses that I liked in a burgundy colour. As the event was coming around quickly I ordered both of them so I could try them on and asked all of my facebook friends for help.

It seemed to be a tough choice but we finally chose the short dress. I had lots of comments about my shoes too which are also from Very. The reason I chose this colour is that I actually have a coat and handbag in burgundy so I knew I would be warm and have something to put my camera in. I mean you can’t go cruising down the Seine without a camera now, can you!

The event was very posh and I will be writing more about my time in Paris next week so you can read more about it then but I just want to say thank you to Very Dresses for gifting me a dress of my choice and helping me to decide which one to choose!




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