Keeping the magic alive with the Portable North Pole

I have been a huge fan of the Portable North Pole for years. In fact, I can’t remember a year when I have not created a video for the girls from Santa using the PNP Console. Every year the videos that offer get better and better and it still makes me really happy to see that there is still a free version that means that anyone can add some magic to their Christmas even if they are struggling for money.


The videos are expanded upon every year and you can personalise them with names, photos, present requests and even information about what the child needs to work on. As I said PNP offers a free video option or the chance to upgrade. You can get the Video pass for £6.99 or the Magic Pass for £9.99. Both of these allow you to create an unlimited number of premium video messages and include a special Christmas Eve video and even birthday videos. The Magic pass also includes 20 different holiday messages from Santa that can be listened to over the phone and four different story videos (one released each week on the lead up to Christmas) read by Santa.

I have already created my videos for the girls and I am just waiting for the opportune time to get them to sit down and watch them. My girls still believe that the PNP Santa is the one true Santa so he holds a real power over making them behave and one quick call from him telling them that they need to improve their behaviour or to stop arguing and they soon listen.


As well as the amazing Portable North Pole website, this year has seen the launch of some fantastic PNP inspired products. From baby Do-Good elves that the kids have to teach to my favourite Do-Good deeds jar all of the products are at a sensible price point and are available at John Lewis. We have been caring for our very own Baby Do-Good Elf since the beginning of December and the kids love it although he is a little bit naughty so they have to work extra hard to teach him to be good.



You can find out more about the amazing Portable North Pole products by clicking the banner below.