Unique and Quirky Children’s Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for the special children in your life is an absolute joy. That said, it takes time and energy to orchestrate; keeping track of birthdays, buying the gifts, wrapping them and of course, you need to work out exactly what to buy. With this in mind, here is a compilation of unique and quirky children’s gift ideas.

Figure it Out

All children love figures, they allow for little ones to get involved in role play and to act out scenarios that encourage creative thinking. There are a staggering array of figures out there to choose from including action figures, superheroes, dolls and toy soldiers – the latest Star Wars Pop figures are particularly quirky and are also collectable.

Dance Till They Drop

What better gift could you give a child than the gift of music? Nothing beats a good old sing along or a bop around the living room and it is something that the adults can get involved in too. To give the gift added value search out an “old school” portable CD player, this means the kids can play the music wherever they like and are less likely to want to use your prized MP3 player or music system – win-win!

To Get a Reaction

For something a little more educational, how about a crystal making kit? Not only can these kits be picked up relatively cheaply, but they constitute a focused activity where “experiments” are conducted. Measuring, mixing and then admiring the results of the experiments is great fun for all and teaches children a little about chemistry and items used in the lab.


Puzzles are also a great way to get little brains working and there are some really unique ones to choose from. The Parking Puzzler, for example, is a game where the player needs to move small plastic cars around a board and park them up according to a specific plan. The trouble is to do so they need to solve a puzzle – like a simple version of a Rubik’s Cube. Other interesting puzzle games include Qwirkle, a mix and match game that is based on dominos.

Personalised Children’s Books

Personalised children’s books have been around for a while and make for truly wonderful and unique gifts. There are a range to choose from and the best ones incorporate the child’s name into the storyline and the moment they realise the book is about them is really magical.

Picking out that perfect gift for a special child in your life is an amazingly rewarding thing to do and one which will pay dividends well into the future. Nothing shows a child how much you care than a gift that suits them and makes them happy and so taking the time to get it right is well worth it.