Sylvanian Families Town Series – Creamy Gelato Shop

When I was at Toy Fair back in January I got a sneak peek at the brand new Sylvanian Families Town Series. The Town will include 22 new products and is the biggest launch in the brand’s history and we are very excited to be able to add some of these items to our collection. The first Sylvanian Families Town Series to join our collection is the Creamy Gelato Shop and the Town Girls Series Chocolate Rabbit.

The Creamy Gelato Shop is just one of the stand-alone shops that you can buy from the Sylvanian Families Town Series. The shops can be stacked on top of each other and can all be attached together.

The Creamy Gelato Shop set includes the outer building, an ice cream counter, a table, a container to hold two cones and 4 colourful gelatos with labels and a scoop. The gelatos each have a separate piece which can be removed and placed in the cones. The shop is beautiful with patterned floors and lots of attention to detail on the walls and windows. I loved the little candelabra type lights.

You can use the ceiling board and the aisle board to increase the shop floor area. The Maple Cat mother is the shopkeeper but she is sold separately so we used one of the characters that we already had.

There were eight stickers to add to the Creamy Gelato Shop. Two of which were the sign on the top of the shop, two on the awnings and the other four were the labels for the Gelato flavours. They were easy to place although a little bit fiddly.

The Town series brings with it a whole host of new characters, the town girls series. These young adults are pursuing some amazing careers in and around the town. We have Lulu the Silk Cat working in the Makeup shop, Laura the toy poodle who is a chocolatier and Stella, the Chocolate Rabbit who is a fashion designer. Each of the Town Girls Series is an older sister to one of the much loved younger characters. We were sent Stella and her dress is beautiful. In fact, all of the clothes from the Town Series are really well designed and you can even buy separate sets of clothes so you can change the outfits of your favourite Sylvanian Families.

Both of my girls are big fans of Sylvanian Families and they have loved the Town Series so far. They have already had a good look at the other items available and they are desperate for us to get the Department store gift set but they might have to wait until Christmas for that one.

You can have a look at all the new Town Products on the Sylvanian Families website