The Secret to a Family-Friendly Summer Holiday

If your family is anything like ours, you’ve probably already started dreaming about where you want to go on holiday in the summer. Packing suitcases, making sure everyone’s passport is safe and getting to the airport in time – it’s enough to bring even the most organised parent out in a sweat!

However, you can take a lot of the stress out of the family holiday and sit back and relax when you think outside of the box for places to visit and things to do. Here are some of our favourite family-friendly summer holiday ideas:

Set up Camp

Camping is a great activity that’s truly fun for all the family. The adults can set up camp and start the campfire for the BBQ, whereas kids can explore the surrounding areas and make new friends with other campers.

Something that you can all enjoy is getting closer to nature and appreciating the simple things in life – away from phones, TVs and the daily routine in general.

Plus, you can teach them new skills that will be useful for them later in life, including how to start a campfire, cooking with limited equipment and how to make do with less.

Choose a Cruise

A family of adventurers will love cruising over the summer. You can visit plenty of new places in one trip and keep the same room (or cabin) for the entirety of the trip. What could be easier for parents with small children in tow?

Everything is in one place on the cruise ship, including restaurants, shops, gyms and play areas, making them the ultimate choice for a family summer holiday. Plus, when you book with Bolsover Cruise Club, for example, you could be taking your family to exotic places around Europe and the Mediterranean, Alaska and Caribbean and Panama.

Plan a Staycation

There’s sure to be plenty of beautiful places in the UK that you’re yet to explore, so why not decide to have a staycation this year and take your family on a road trip?

How about heading down to popular family spot Newquay to experience the gorgeous beaches, say hello to the animals in the aquarium and zoo and head to the fun parks to keep the kids entertained. There’s plenty in this beautiful town to keep the whole family happy and you don’t even have to get on a plane to get there! Holiday Cottages from Cornish Secrets can improve your overall Newquay Holidays experience.

Try something a little bit different this summer and take your family on an alternative summer holiday. We guarantee that it’ll be less stress and your kids will be entertained for the entire trip – meaning you can sit back and relax!