Tyre Maintenance tips for summers

Summer is finally on its way, and whether you are going to be driving up and down the country on holiday or taking the kids out on day trips, it’s time to think about ensuring your car is ready. Summer driving – especially holidays and days out – should be fun so you shouldn’t be distracted by thoughts that your car is not in the best condition. Tyres are the main thing affected by the change in temperature so here are some simple summer tyre maintenance tips to keep you safe on the roads.

Driving a car at night - young man driving her car

Check Your Tyres Condition

Although there’s no guarantee that you won’t get a puncture or suffer some other mishap, by checking your tyres’ condition you reduce the risk. Check the tyre walls for bulges and any standout patches of wear and tear. Make sure there are no gaps between the tyre wall and the rims. It is also a good idea to check for foreign objects stuck between the treads that may cause damage – such as overly large stones or pieces of sharp glass. Check for nails or sharp objects too, as they may be causing a slow puncture.

Also, check the tread. Remember there is a legal limit for tread depth in the UK. There should be a tread depth of a minimum of 1.6mm and it should be so for a continuous band around the central three-quarters of the tyre. Although this is the legal limit, manufacturers recommend changing when the tread depth is at 3mm.

Don’t forget to check the valve. Check the seal and screw threads and clean any dirt and grit from the valve.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

This is a simple task but important. Check the pressure of each tyre and ensure it is within the range specified for your car make and model. You can find the tyre pressure in your owner manual or online.

Checking your tyre pressure is also a good time to re-familiarize yourself with your sidewall readings, to remind yourself of the important features of your tyres. Sidewall readings may vary slightly between manufacturers, but they will usually include two key items. It is helpful to know your load index and speed rating for long journeys, road trips, or holidays when you will be carrying more passengers and stuff in the boot (and maybe on a roof rack) than usual.

 Save money

By being proactive in the care and maintenance of your tyres, you can actually save money. Well maintained tyres at the correct pressure, driven with speed rating and load capacity means greater fuel efficiency. It also reduces the risk of high costs of an accident or requiring roadside assistance. Get your tyres in Dunfermline from none other than Fife Autocentre