Slimming World Meal Plan Week Four

So when I went to my group last night I was a little bit disappointed to find I had only lost 1 lb. However, I know that I haven’t been 100% on plan (blame the gin) but my meals have been pretty good. That 1lb though did push me to 7.5lbs so I have lost half a stone in three weeks which is pretty awesome if I am honest. So positive and negative feelings really.

The sun will be shining this weekend so I am looking forward to a lot of salads for lunch and I have decided to downsize my breakfasts as I think three large meals a day is a bit much and I end up having to cook lunch because I should not because I want it. I will be weighing in a day late next week as I have a busy day in London on Wednesday and I know I won’t get home in time for my group. I will be doing my best to stay on plan though so I don’t sabotage any potential loss.

With all of this in mind and a fridge full of meat from my Muscle Food delivery, it is time to get planning.


Breakfast – Weetabix and strawberries

Lunch – Jacket Potato with beans and salad

Dinner – Gammon steaks, mash and steam fresh vegetables


Breakfast – Melon and ham

Lunch – Hot Smoked Salmon Stir fry

Dinner – Meatballs and pasta


Brunch – Cheese and ham Omelette

Dinner – Chicken and vegetable kebabs on the BBQ with salad


Brunch – Bacon, black pudding, eggs, beans and mushrooms

Dinner – Salmon, new potatoes and salad


Breakfast – Weetabix with berries

Lunch – Egg Salad

Dinner – Chicken and Chorizo Paella


Breakfast –  Weetabix with berries

Lunch – Subway Salad or Supermarket Sushi with vegetables/fruit

Dinner – Dinner at Mums


Breakfast – Weetabix with berries

Lunch – Subway Salad or supermarket sushi with vegetables/fruit

Dinner – Nandos at the train station

So there you have it, I have a plan. Whether I can stick to it or not we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, I won’t be tempted by all the Christmas food I will be seeing next week. You will see more of that on Wednesday on my Instagram stories as I visit some Christmas in July events.