two weeks

Two weeks ago today we came to the hospital for a routine blood test and Elizabeth has not left since. So much has happened in those two weeks that it feels a lot longer but at the same time it is a surprise that we have been here that long, does that even make sense?

We had the results back from yesterdays tests and it is all really positive. They hope to see less that 25% of Leukaemia cells in the bone marrow by this point in the treatment and our consultant said there was a lot less than 25% left so Elizabeth is responding really well.

We also received Elizabeth’s wig today which is fabulous, its the perfect colour match to her hair and is really long . When she is well enough we will be able to go to the salon and have it styled and cut how she would like it so I am looking forward to turning it into a full on pamper day with manicures as well.

Alison is loving having access to Ronald McDonald house and is currently over there playing with Daddy in the playroom whilst Elizabeth has an afternoon nap. Speaking of Alison I have to go and buy her some school uniform this week as she starts on Monday, she is so small I’m not sure I will be able to find any the right size but I cant wait to see her wearing it.

Ive not got much more news really, things here seem to go slowly when they are going well so I suppose no news is good news