She Spiked

Day 15 of treatment, 3 lots of chemotherapy down and Elizabeth has spiked a temperature. We got the results of her bogie suction (medical term obviously) back today and she has rhinovirus (common cold) along with two other children in our bay.  

They have isolated our bay which would be fine apart from the fact that children with infections normally get a cubicle which has an en-suite bathroom because there are no cubicles available they wheeled a commode into our bay for Elizabeth to use. “Bugger Off” were the first words out of her mouth and I know exactly where she is coming from. There is no way I want her going to the toilet in the same room as other people even if the curtain is closed. The other two children are in nappies so they don’t have this concern. They say they cant isolate a toilet for her because they don’t have enough but they have isolated a bathroom for another bay and that child also wears nappies. When questioned they said they isolated that bathroom so she has somewhere to wash, well what about Beth where is she going to wash!!

Anyway Elizabeth just needed a wee so I carried her to a bathroom and let her go, I wiped the seat before and after with a sterilizer wipe as I always do and I am waiting for a senior nurse to come and speak to me because this situation is unacceptable and it will not be staying this way.

Apart from the bathroom issues Elizabeth is doing well a few spoons of Calpol and her temperature is back to normal and she is currently munching her way through a whole part baked baguette so she cant be that bad.