Home from Home

I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday because quite late on we got the fabulous news that there was a room available for us in Ronald McDonald House. An amazing facility that has 60 rooms, it doesn’t cost the families anything to stay there and is available 365 days a year. We are on the fourth floor and with a lockable fridge and freezer compartments as well as a lockable storage cupboard and 5 kitchens on our floor it means we can start saving the pennies and cook our own food.

Knowing that Daddy and Alison are just over the road and by keeping the whole family are close by will really help Elizabeth as she has started to struggle with not seeing them all the time. As soon as Elizabeth is well enough we will be able to take her across there for some family time even before she will be allowed home.

Its an amazing place that will make such a difference to us and already makes such a difference to all the other families living in there. I am glad that over the years I have always put my change into the Ronald McDonald boxes in McDonald restaurants and now seeing the good work they do I will continue to pay in whatever I can. Out of all the help and charities that I have heard about over the past thirteen days I don’t think anything makes such a huge impact to a family so early on in a child’s diagnosis.

Elizabeth had another little operation today for a Bone Marrow check and a Lumbar Puncture, we hope get these results later this afternoon but it could be in teh morning. They are hoping for less than 25% of Leukaemia cells in the bone marrow to show that the current treatment plan is working but if not its not a problem they will just adjust the treatment plan. Fingers crossed it will all go well. The most traumatic part of the tests was the Nil by Mouth that we have to implement before hand. I told her after her test she will be able to eat but when she woke up she said they didn’t do anything all they did was make her sleep. She then decided it was a sleep test and they wanted to make sure she slept really well. She is having a nap right now which is good for her and I am sat here having some tim eaway from Cbeebies. As much as we love Alex Winters in our house I think I might want to kill him soon (Hospital only has Cbeebies as a childrens channel).