Transform your Kitchen in a Country Style

I’ve always been a fan of that country style kitchen look and it’s such a simple and easy appearance to achieve. If you fancy transforming your own kitchen into a country style haven I’ve put together some easy steps to get you going.

Wall Colouring is Key

The colour of the walls in any room really sets the tone. A country style kitchen goes best with classic, calming tones. Plain wallpaper can work but one of the best and easiest ways to achieve the country style look is with plain, matte painted walls. Think whites, creams and pale pastels like yellow, blue, green or grey. Avoid overly bold or solid colours on the wall and if those shades are your preference bring those through in the form of accessories or wall art.

Stick to one colour scheme and if you want to add different shades and tones rather than introducing additional colours. Keep it simple and think of your walls as a plain canvas as too much going on can detract from the overall style of the kitchen.


The furniture in a classic country style kitchen is often that bare wooden look. Wood furniture goes perfectly with any colour combination or accessories you may choose which makes it a great option. You don’t need to buy new furniture either! Often distressed second-hand pieces fit in with the country vibe the best. Check around local charity shops, used furniture stores and second hand selling sites to find hidden gems that would look perfect. Don’t worry about the items being in pristine condition those knocks and marks add to the character and overall feel that you are going for.

Crockery & Accessories

Country style kitchens have a relaxed and calm vibe. There is no reason for everything to match perfectly and having a collection of quirky, mismatched mugs and crockery can really add to the look you are going for. Like with your furniture stroll round charity shops collecting pieces that really stand out to you. Quirky teapots or unique bowls are all in keeping with the theme. Put up some wooden shelves and display the pieces you like the most for everyone to see.

Kitchen Textiles

Textiles such as printed tea towels, oven gloves and tea cosies are a great way for you to express your personality and bring through any colour you may want to add. The great thing about textiles is the ability to change them out when you feel you want to mix things up or your tastes change. Occasionally you can pick up second-hand textiles but often over time their vibrancy and pattern can fade so I would definitely recommend looking for new. You can get some great ideas and inspiration for printed textiles from Countryside Art. As with any crockery or accessories, your textiles don’t need to match and in fact, having that mix of patterns can really add to your theme.

Transforming your current kitchen into a country style hotspot doesn’t have to cost the earth or require huge renovation. Changing these few things will get you well on your way to the kitchen of your dreams