Perfect Gifts for the Active Man in your Life

Men can be difficult to buy for at the best of times but buying for a man that enjoys being active and on the move, can be hard. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for the active man in your life I’ve put together a few options that might just work.

An Annual Gym Pass

If the active man you are buying for likes to be active and keep fit then the purchase of an annual gym membership could be right up their street! Having access to a gym means that they can remain active even in poor weather and at a convenient time to suit them. It’s a great option for those evenings when it falls darker early and is something that can fit easily with their work and social schedules.

Experience Taster Pass

Has the man you’re buying forever wanted to try a new activity like scuba diving, mountain biking or archery? These types of activities can be costly and often require a certain amount of equipment even at an amateur level. It can be off-putting thinking that you could potentially shell out money for something you might not even like in the end. A great way to overcome this is to take part in an ‘experience taster’ where you can often go along and hire the relevant equipment and trial the activity with the full assistance of a qualified trainer. It’s also a great place to ask questions and find out more information. This would make a great gift for any man that has a great desire to try new things without the pressure of having to continue with it in the long run.

Help their Hobbies

If the person you are buying for has a particular hobby or interest why not use that to your advantage and get the perfect gift that could help them. For example, an avid golf player might like something from Function 18 Ecco Golf Clothing. There are so many ‘specialist’ shops that sell essential items for specific hobbies or interests. It can be daunting trying to buy someone a gift for a hobby you know nothing about which is why it’s great to have the knowledge of the staff to lean on when making your purchase.

Fitness Trackers & Technology

Fitness trackers are becoming really popular particularly with those who lead active lifestyles. They can often pull different stats such as heart rate, steps taken and distance travelled. They are great for logging time active and some even log your sleep cycles.

You can also get things like cycle computers for bikes which have GPS trackers and help plan routes, track navigation and log calories burnt. Using a computer over something traditional like a map has lots of perks and advantages and it’s sure to make any man that enjoys an active lifestyle happy.

If you have an active man in your life what gifts would they like?