4 ways teach and inspire your children to recycle

Teaching the younger generation to recycle, no matter the age is even more important with recent news regarding how little we recycle plastic bottles and coffee takeaway cups. The news is disappointing, and as parents, it is your responsibility and motivation in life to pass on moral teachings to your children, so they can continue to enjoy the pleasures of life. When we show children the importance of recycling and waste removal, we have the ability to show them how easy it is to do simple things. And as parents, your number one duty is to encourage and to inspire, and children are more likely to pick up the habit of recycling if they see you doing it. If you show them from a young age, they will latch on very quickly and know exactly where to recycle their empty cartoon of apple juice when it’s finished with.

But, in all its supposed easiness, motivating children to recycle is no easy task. But here’s the good news, there are fun and interactive ways to show your children how to recycle and why they should be doing it.


Your only duty as a parent is to encourage, inspire and to motivate your children to do right. Your children will always follow your lead, should you encourage them to, and with tasks such as recycling, it is no different. When you give your child a banana or juice drink, tell them after they have finished, where to put it. Do this multiple times, and they will remember to do it themselves the next time.


Children’s books, programmes and even apps on iPads and smartphones are the best way of instilling information in our children and showing them the way of the world. There will be many books that can be picked up at the library or online that teach children hidden morals about important aspects of life, and it goes without saying, that there is a book or a programme for everything. Find a book that teaches them about tidying up, and being friendly to the environment and they will understand it in their own language. But be sure to find an interesting way for them to learn. Coloured pictures say it all!

Hire a rubbish removal company

Sometimes our busy schedules get the better of us. So if you lead a super jam-packed life, but teaching your children the importance of waste removal and recycling, then get your children speaking to bin men. They will be the best people to explain the art of recycling in an informative way and one that shows them exactly what they are doing. Once your child can visually see where their rubbish is going, they will remember the importance without being prompted. You can hire the Zero Waste Group in this regard.

Create art

Before throwing away unwanted rubbish that can be recycled, why not utilise its potential and get your child, or children to demonstrate their artistic flair. Perhaps use a plastic bottle to paint and decorate and use it as a vase, or put a giant cardboard box somewhere high up in the house and use it to practice your basketball skills. Recycling can also have its educational advantages, as whilst recycling, you can use the opportunity to teach your children the colours of each bin. You could even show them whilst at the supermarket, which of their favourite food products go in which bin, with a visual flipchart for them to carry with them.