Toy Fair 2013

What a day. I am exhausted just thinking about it and my feet still ache after the amount of walking I did. It was great to meet up with so many of the pr’s and brands that I work with as well as meeting even more and creating relationships that will help me over the coming years.

I saw some great new toys, most of which I can’t talk about but I can tell you it is going to be an amazing year of toys and I am very excited about some of the things I saw.

As a Lego Ambassador I got really excited looking around there area and seeing all the cool things that are coming and I especially liked the friends range and the Hobbit range. However I am most interested in Chima, the characters above are from this new set.

There was definitely a theme running through the licensed products selling everywhere and it is good to see that Doc McStuffin and Planes (the new pixar film) are producing some great toys. The main one though featured Moshi Monsters and the kids were very jealous that I got to meet Katsuma.

The toy fair was awesome and it will definitely become part of my annual blogging calendar.