How’s my health?

Ok I know I am not the healthiest person on the planet, I don’t really do much exercise although that is changing and I know I am well over weight but that is changing too. When I was offered the chance to do a post about I thought why not.

There is loads of information on the site about different health issues but the bit that interested me the most was the health questionnaire.

After asking me about medical history, current weight and my diet as well as other aspects of my life the MyHealth questionnaire gave me my Patient Q score. This is where it gets a virtual queue of 100 patients from most unhealthy (1) to most healthy (100).

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find myself at number 55. Not that this is a good thing but I think if I had answered it a few weeks ago I would have been a lot higher. You see most of it is due to your diet, what you are eating at the moment. As I started Slimming World last week my diet at the moment is fantastic. Especially seen as I lost 7.5lbs this week.

There is still some worrying issues, I am still too heavy and my waistline is to big. even wrote out a referral letter for my doctor and told me to go and see them.

laura, you are currently in the queue at position: Q55

This is a medium risk score. You could, however, move down the queue by at least 5 places to sit within the healthy range.

We advise you to see your GP Some of your assessment responses indicate that you should visit your GP at your earliest convenience so that they can further assess and advise you.

Please click here to print a letter that explains why we are referring you. You should take this letter with you to your appointment and give it to your GP. You should not be unduly alarmed. We are referring you because one or more of your results are sufficiently outside of the healthy range to require discussion with your GP. You should not however ignore this referral. “

Its quite nice of them to care so much.. I found it really informative and as I loose more weight I will definitely be checking back to see when I reach the healthy range.

Why not take the quiz yourself you never know it might surprise you into doing something about your health.