Decorating a rented house

Sometimes I get really depressed by the fact that we rent our house, I would love to own one so that I can do what we want with it. We have actually been very lucky and we have a very understanding landlord. They have allowed us to decorate the girl’s bedrooms and the living room, hall and stairs. However, they don’t want us to decorate the kitchen and I hate magnolia.

A magnolia kitchen is depressing and dirty, no matter how clean it is the colour on the walls seems to absorb all the cooking smells and make it look disgusting. So I am trying to find different ways to make our kitchen look good.

I am thinking about getting some accessories. Maybe a vase on the window and event a mug tree or colour matched appliances. The problem is I can’t decide on a colour. I love purple, hubby loves red, Elizabeth loves pink and Alison loves green but I don’t think any of them are really a kitchen colour and we have been arguing about this for so long that the kitchen is now the only unfinished room. We have been in this house for nearly two years now so i really want to get started on it.

Our kitchen window faces out into our street which is ok most of the time but on those lazy weekend mornings when you are still in your PJs at 11 o’clock and cooking a fry up in the kitchen I don’t really want people looking through the window to see me in my jimjams. So I have come to the conclusion that the best way to choose the kitchen colours is to choose a blind and then match it to that. I was having a look at these tuiss kitchen blinds and I still cant choose there are just too many colours.

What colour is your kitchen?