Top Ways to Better Utilize the Space in Your Home

It’s so easy for our homes to become cluttered and untidy over time. Whilst they often need a good clear-out, it’s one of the many ways we procrastinate. Interestingly, there is one main reason peoples’ homes fill up with junk: It’s that they don’t maximize the available space. In this article, we’ll discuss some top ways to use the space in your home to its fullest potential.

Buy A Loft Ladder

This is a fold-up ladder that provides access to an attic or loft. This can be helpful for storage because it allows you to use the space in your home more efficiently. By having a loft ladder, you can store boxes and other items in your attic or loft instead of taking up valuable floor space elsewhere in your home.

As for many of the products discussed in this article, it’s best to begin your search online. You can find loft ladders that are budget-friendly, wooden, energy-efficient, fire-rated, sturdy or stylish. They can be space-saving, easy to install and operate – and come with a warranty and guarantee.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Ottoman’s are a great example of this type of furniture. They can be used as a chair, footrest, or table. This saves you from having to buy multiple pieces of furniture that will unnecessarily fill up your home. Another example is folding chairs and tables, which can be easily stored away when not in use. Plus, they’re perfect for when you have guests over and need an extra seat or table.

Another great option is sofa beds – they can be either – depending on your needs. They are ideal for when you have family and friends over to stay the night, or when you need a quick nap during the day. A sofa bed will allow you to have plenty of seating in your living room as well as an extra bed without taking up additional space. You can find sofa beds in many different styles and fabrics, so you will easily find one to match your décor. Sofas can be a statement piece as well as practical, Mafille La Maison have some beautiful feature pieces which can change the way a room looks and feels.

Choose a Bed With Storage Space Underneath

Not only would this provide you with somewhere new to keep things (e.g. blankets or clothes), but it will also save you from having to buy both an additional dresser and nightstand beside your bed.

Platform beds have built-in drawers underneath them. Loft beds allow for more room underneath by lifting up the mattress high above the ground. Low-profile platform beds (also known as Captain’s beds) offer storage without taking up much vertical space when this is limited (e.g. in small bedrooms).

Install Under-Sink Units

There are many different types of under-sink units on the market, so it’s important to choose one that will best suit your requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Cabinet drawers – they can be used as storage for cleaning supplies or other items
  • Pull out shelves (also known as sliding shelves) – they allow easy access to things
  • Base cabinets with doors on that hide all of your things safely away until it’s time to use them again

Think Vertically

When you think of wall space, what do you typically envision? While many of us use it for hanging art and installing light fixtures, there are other creative ways to utilize it. Consider adding floating shelves or a bookshelf to showcase your favorite plants, candles, or trinkets.

Some of the benefits to putting up shelves include:

  • Creating more storage in a small area
  • Displaying personal items or collections
  • Adding architectural interest to a room

It’s also worth thinking about corner shelving. Using corner space can be another way to utilize a small area of your home. Consider adding corner shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom for extra storage and display space.

Use The Space Beneath The Stairs

A Reading Nook

If you have stairs in your home, use the space beneath them to add a bench for seating. You could even convert this area into a reading nook. This can be as simple as adding a comfortable chair and side table or even building in shelves and cabinets for storage. Adding some decorative touches like pillows or throws will make the space feel more inviting.

An Altar

Some people choose to create an altar space in their homes as a place of worship or simply for contemplation. Some people keep their altars very simple, while others go all out with candles and other decorations. If you don’t have a spare room for this purpose, it may be you can use the area below the stairs.

Other Options

If there is only a small area available, place baskets under each step and fill them with things like linens or toys. In some cases, adding shelves here can also help make more storage room.


This will help you remove the excess from your life and keep only what truly matters to you. The best way to declutter a home is by taking inventory of what’s in each room and making decisions about what needs to go or stay put. Do one room at a time, so the process doesn’t overwhelm you.

What you keep must be stored wisely, and the rest should be given away, donated to charity, sold, or responsibly disposed of. In turn, your rooms will feel more spacious and relaxed.

General Tips

And finally:

  • Use storage containers. If they stack together it will help maximize the space and if they match the home decor, better still.
  • Use linen baskets for dirty clothes. This will stop things from being left on the bedroom and bathroom floors.
  • Paint your walls and ceilings with light pastel colors.
  • Add some mirrors to make the rooms feel both larger and brighter.

As you can see, there is hope for any home, no matter how small. It’s wise to only keep what you need and to store the rest sensibly. Once you’ve made some changes and spent a little money, you may be delighted with the results. Every nook and cranny will have been utilized and everything will have its proper place.