5 Great Places to Take Your Kids Before They’re Grown Up

As a mother of two, whenever I plan a holiday, I need to make sure that the whole family will benefit from it. Of course, it’s possible – and even fun! – to travel with children but do be aware that travelling with children is different from travelling without children. If you do not plan your family holidays wisely, they can easily turn into a disaster.

In this article, you’ll read about 5 beautiful destinations that are perfect for families and that are sure to create wonderful childhood memories.


Portugal is a stunningly beautiful country. Rocky landscapes, vibrant cities, and perfect beaches make for a unique atmosphere. There’s hardly another country where you can combine sightseeing and beach holidays as easily as in Portugal. As Portugal is a small country by comparison to others, it’s the perfect destination for a round trip from the North to the South without hustling.

As slow travelling is a lot easier for children than tightly scheduled trips, you and your children will explore the beautiful country of Portugal without being overwhelmed in a negative way. The booking platform Holidu offers holiday apartments and houses in the Algarve and the rest of Portugal. Booking a private accommodation will give your family all the space to relax in between adventures and will even go easy on your travel budget.


Paris is the city of love and the perfect destination for a couple’s holiday. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a perfect destination for a family trip as well. The vibrant metropolis offers tons of activities for families:

There are various hop-on, hop-off buses in Paris. You can explore all the well-known sights without overstraining your kids’ stamina. Or you go on a boat on the Seine to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower? Make sure to plan enjoyable breaks in one of the beautiful parks, too. To make the trip unforgettable for your children, also consider a day trip to Disneyland. But it’s not only the children who’ll enjoy that: Disney makes grown-ups feel like a kid again, so be prepared for an unforgettable day in your kids’ childhood.

Miami Beach

 “Welcome to Miami” – Miami Beach, Florida is family-friendly and famous for its tropical beaches. Even though the sun is almost always shining in the Sunshine State, there are many cool indoor activities like interactive museums. Children between eight and 14 have the best age for Miami. But travelling there can be just as uncomplicated and fun with babies, toddlers, and teenagers.

If your child is a Harry Potter fan, you might want to consider spending a few days in Orlando as well. As you may know, Orlando is not only famous for Disney World, but also the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


You don’t always have to travel abroad to spend an extraordinary holiday. Children from the UK should get to see London at some point during their childhood as a part of their general education. Just make sure not to exaggerate the sightseeing, as the trip should be fun in the first place.

London isn’t the only UK capital you should go see with your children. How about visiting another capital year after year: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast?


Another city trip? Yes, and no. Munich is a very strategic destination if you intend to explore Southern Germany or even Austria and Switzerland:

It only takes you 1.5 hours to get to Salzburg from Munich. If your children are into knights and medieval history, the city of Regensburg is definitely worth a day trip. Some even call it the northernmost town of Italy.