Top Christmas Gifts for Tired Mummies

It only feels like yesterday that we were basking if the beautiful hot sun and now, would you believe, Christmas is only just around the corner. You can’t shove Santa to the back of your mind any longer, for his elves are completing the last orders before the big man in the red suit goes on his travels.

That sound you hear is the sound of thousands of mum’s panicking as they count just how many shopping days are left before the big day. It’s not just the kids’ presents; it’s making sure you buy something for everyone – as well as cooking the all-important Christmas dinner with all the family somehow squeezing around the dining table.

The festive season makes for a tiring time, which is why anything that allows us to put our feet up makes for the most welcomed present. If you have a tired mummy in your life more than deserving of some R&R, we have compiled a list of fantastic Christmas gifts she is going to absolutely love.

Bath-time Luxuries

If there is one thing that pretty much every woman has in common, it is a love for soaking in a hot bath. Throw in some scented candles, a glass of wine and aromatic bath salts and you can kiss your evening goodbye. What we are trying to say is that, once the little ones have (finally) gone to bed, there is nothing a tired mum would much rather do than enjoy a nice long soak.

With that in mind, make sure to spoil her with sets featuring bath bombs and salts, as well as gorgeous shampoos and soaps that she can experiment with. Just to make sure that bath-time remains the zen-like experience it is designed to be, make sure that you don’t need the bathroom for at least an hour – nothing ruins a bath quite like the toilet being used by someone who can’t hold on.

Spa Day

What’s the only thing better than an uninterrupted bath? That’s right, a spa day! The ultimate gift when it comes to pampering because it allows you to completely turn off from the rigours of everyday life and sit back and enjoy an array of treatments. Allow the masseuse to work on tight muscles, revel in the jacuzzi and end the day with a facial that leaves you feeling as refreshed as you can possibly be.

After the stress the comes with Christmas, who doesn’t deserve a break with a spa day? Many spas and hotels offer gift vouchers than can be redeemed at any time, meaning that you can give it as a gift to the special someone without them having to move around their entire schedule. After all, busy mums can’t just drop everything at the click of a finger.


As the joke goes, wine is a mum’s best friend with many enjoying a glass of red or white curled up on the sofa in front of their boxset of choice at the end of a challenging day. It is true, that many mums are partial to a glass (or two) of wine, which is why it makes for such a fantastic gift.

If you know their favourite bottle, then no doubt they will be a more than thankful recipient when they unwrap it. If, however, you have an idea of their taste (and consider yourself to be something if a wine connoisseur), why not push the boat and gift them a bottle of something they have never tried? You may just find their new favourite tipple of choice.

Christmas is equally as magical as it is hysterical, as we all clamber over one another to make sure we are ready for the festivities. As soon as it’s all over and we are tucking into turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day, gifts that help a tired mum to relax and unwind after another successful Christmas will be the best of them all.