How to make your own Disney inspired ears headbands

Now let me say this straight up, I am by no means a quality crafter. I am however very proud of the Disney Inspired ears headbands I have created. To make it even better my kids like them too. I did look at buying ears from Etsy and similar places but they were so expensive for the quantity that we wanted. I have thought about setting up my own Etsy shop in the new year to sell the ears to others. I would even print my own labels for them from Roxwell Waterhouse.

Take a look at my easy tutorial below for how to create your own Disney inspired ears headbands

You will need

Glue gun and glue sticks





Trim (sequins or beads)


Extra fabric for a bow


Printed image for bottle cap


Step one. Create a large template for the ears fabric out of paper. The one I used is a 15cm circle with a rectangle on the bottom to leave a flap of fabric to attach to the headband. You need 4 pieces of fabric all the same size for the front and back of each ear.

Step two – Cut out four ear shapes from scrap cardboard. I used amazon boxes as they are a good thickness and I always have a lot of them around. These are 10cm circles with a dent that is measured using my headband. Use the headband you are using to get this right.

Using your glue gun attach the fabric to the cardboard just on the edge. Do not pull it tight as you want to be able to stuff the ears so keep it loose and use just the very edge of the fabric.

Fill the ears to your required thickness with the stuffing. I have found this depends on the design and we have made some lovely and thick and others thinner.

Using the glue gun glue the front and backs of each ear together. Make sure you press them close around the edges to get a good seal. You can also glue one flap across the bottom. This helps to strengthen the ear.

Glue the ears on to the headband at around a third of the way around. Do not attach them to high up on the headband or they won’t sit right on your head. Glue on the top of the headband and then glue on the bottom, folding the excess fabric flap into place to hold the ear steady.

Using your choice of trim, glue it down to fill the edges between the front and the back of the ears and give a more finished look.

Some ears can be left without bows or other designs but I like to finish my designs with coordinating bows and bottle caps. I use a square 20 cm x 20 cm piece of fabric to create my bows which seems to make them about the right size.

I also have bottle caps in different colours and print graphics to place in the middle.

These designs all use patterned fabric but you can also create themed ears using plain colours such as greens for Tinkerbell or Peter Pan, Purple and Black for the Evil Queen or Black and white stripes for Jack Skellington. There are so many different characters to choose from and so many different fabrics available I am sure you will be able to come up with some great designs.