Top 5 Famous coronation street quotes

Coronation Street has been entertaining the country for years and is currently one of the most popular shows on British television unfortunately. Ok so I have a love hate relationship with Corrie, my mum loves it and I hate it however I have to admit that each episode I watch I become engrossed in whatever unbelievable storyline is currently gripping the cobbles. The show has had many memorable pieces of screenwriting which has continued to win it awards year after year so it must be popular.

Many of the characters from the street have come out with iconic one liners such as Blanche who has become famous for her hilarious quotes and reminds me very much of Hubbys Nana.

Here is a list of the top quotes to come out of the cobbled streets of Weatherfield since 1960


Then you’re deluded, so let me make this crystal clear.

Full Quote: “Then you’re deluded, so let me make this crystal clear. I despise you. I curse the day we met, and every moment we spent together after that. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to hear you, I don’t want to hear about you. I don’t want anything to do with you. As far as I’m concerned, that bouquet in your hand may as well be a wreath.” Peter Barlow said this to Leanne on the Valentine’s Day episode in 2011. He found out about her affair and made no effort to hide his anger. The emotion behind the quote itself is intense as is the way Peter delivers it in a dark, quiet tone.

As much as I’d like to stop and play today’s little game, I’m busy. Full Quote: “As much as I’d like to stop and play today’s little game, I’m busy. I’m sure you’ve got some kittens to drown. Excuse me.” Nick Tilsley quotes this on 14th February 2011. This quote appeared on and it was said by Nick when he is approached by Tracy. It was her fault that Leanne and Nick’s affair got out and so Nick responds calmly to her.
I’m a realist – I don’t live in fairy-land like you do.
Blanche Hunt is famous for her memorable quotes on the show and this is just one of them. These words could be seen as quite cruel but then again, it’s also pretty witty. The quote appeared in a 2009 episode when Ken and Deirdre Barlow are discussing what a negative person Blanche is. It has gone on to be one of the favourite Blanche quotes of all time.

You want to get out more – wait ’till you try bingo – you’ll hyperventilate

Another hilarious Blanche Hunt quote. It was said during a conversation she had with Ken Barlow, Peter Barlow, Howard Lee and Melanie. This comment was made in an episode aired in 2009 and is another memorable Blanche remark.

Tracy Barlow! I mean, even her initials are a killer disease!This quote was said by character Eileen Grimshaw. It’s a clever use of Tracy Barlow’s intials mirroring TB. Eileen shows off her quick wit here and although the humour is a little dark, audiences couldn’t help but smile at the truth behind it. Coronation Street is famed for great quotes from great characters and Gala Bingo’s list showcases only a snippet of what the show has to offer.
The list put together by Gala gives a rundown of some of the most memorable quotes from Coronation Street over the years and it’s likely that the show will provide many more gems for years to come in the mist of the drama and excitement that keeps fans gripped and critics ranting.