How can tech help a new mum?

Being a new mum can be a daunting and isolating experience and whether you have come from a high flying office background or working in the local supermarket you would have had a social life of some sort. Life with a newborn can become very tedious and lonely unless you can find another way to connect with the outside world.

From social media sites like twitter and facebook to parenting forums like Netmums you are bound to find someone who has been there and who can support you through the tough times but it is not easy to balance a baby and a laptop and this is where a tablet pc can be a real sanity saver. In fact I would go so far as to say it could be the best present to get a new mum. From tweeting at 3am when the baby wakes to feed or ordering the groceries for home delivery there are so many things that you can do to make life nicer all round.

Tablet PCs do more than just connect to the internet and with the growing use of game applications, video or music streaming and the ability to Skype or use Hangout on Google plus you can keep in touch with the family whilst also keeping sane.

The small cheap 7″ tablet is perfect for social media and streaming. Being able to plug your headphones in and watch a film on netflix whilst propped up feeding or rocking a baby to bed with a gentle lullaby playing through spotify can help make a normal stressful experience a lot more relaxed and a relaxed mum means a relaxed baby. The great thing is that small compact tablets that fit in your nappy bag also seem to come with a great price too and many of them are under £100 which is great for everyday use.

As a working mum who feels lost without my internet connection and the chance to check my emails I would need not only a larger tablet but a more versatile platform and so I would choose something a bit bigger and more powerful which would be perfect for keeping up with a busy career whilst also looking after a new baby. Everyone tells you to relax and enjoy your time at home but for some the most stressful part of being a new mum is having to step away from the office and trust others to do the work properly. If you equip yourself well you will be able to stay on top of everything at the office and adapt to life as a new mum.

So when writing your list of new mum essentials ignore the top and tail bowl, the fancy baby clothes and the latest yummy mummy nappy bag and grab yourself some sanity with the tablet pc of your choice which will save your sanity and actually prove useful in your adventures as a new mum.