Too Much Stuff!!!

Today we had a lot of parcels delivered. In fact over the last month I have had loads of parcels arrive. Hubby is getting quite annoyed because of how full our house is getting.

Most of the stuff is for the goody bags for Blog On, the cupboard under the stairs is full of boxes, the airing cupboard is full of boxes and even my wardrobe has boxes stacked in the bottom. I am not sure where I will be able to put the next boxes that arrive and think I am going to have to rent one of those storage places.

I was looking at some actually and they are not that bad. I suppose I have to weigh up the costs of storage for two months verses a really annoyed husband for two months. The other alternative would be for him to move out but that isn’t really practical as it would mean I would have to do the cleaning. Only Joking obviously.

I was told to look at and they are not bad actually. I could get a space big enough for all the Goody Bag contents and keep my husband happy. I might also have a sort through of some of the other things we have stored around the house. Things I really want to keep but don’t need immediate access too.

Mind you if I do get some space I might end up buying even more stuff with the money I make from writing posts like this and I bet it wouldn’t take long to fill the house up again.