I Am Disappearing

Today I went to Slimming World and had another weigh in.

I was pleasantly surprised to have lost another 1/2 a pound.

I know its not much but I haven’t exactly been on plan this week so anything was welcome.

I only have 2 pounds left to lose before I would have lost two stone since the middle of January.

I can’t believe it is going so well, although obviously I wish I had lost more. I am now in the hunt for some new clothes. I have been fat for quite a few years and although I held on to some smaller jeans all of my tops are now baggy and even through they still have lots of wear let in them  It just won’t do to throw them away.

I also don’t have enough draw space to keep them all and get some new ones and if I add anymore clutter to this house my hubby might divorce me.

I am going to go through all the girls stuff too because for some reason I now can’t fit all of their clothes into their drawers and there must be some stuff that doesn’t fit them anymore.

The amount of times over the years that I have sorted stuff out for charity and then it has sat in my hallway or landing for weeks before I finally get so frustrated with it being there that I end up just throwing it out. what I really need is someone who does a clothes collection and pays me some cash.

It could be any amount really as every penny helps but it just seems such a waste of good clothes to get rid of it for nothing and I really do need to make money wherever I can now I can’t work. Writing like this on my blog is obviously one source of income and I do copy writing too but I need something else.

Maybe I just need to stop spending as much and it could be about time to restart my budget and meal plan as our biggest expense seems to be supermarket shopping.