A true story

Once upon a time more than 10 years a go a young girl moved to Shetland, she
dated a mechanic and became a bit of a petrol head.

She had her own overalls and was not adverse to getting covered in a bit of oil or copper grease.

Together they built cars. Using a combination of scrap parts and originals they laboured day and late into the night for months to build a mark two fiesta. It had been welded to within an inch of its life and a case of lager managed to convince the other mechanic to pass its MOT. They just needed to get some specialist car insurance because it was classed as a kit car after all of its modifications.

It was a beauty but the young girl did not have her license. She was not allowed to drive this thing of beauty which had been built through blood, sweat and

She did lesson after lesson, dodging sheep and speeding down single track roads. She became masterful at missing rabbits as they darted across the open roads in the back and beyond. 

She was almost ready to sit her test until one day the mechanic has to leave his car at a friends because he had too much to drink.

The next morning he decides to drive the thing of beauty, put it to the test he says, make sure it is safe. She is too tired to go with him. She does not see what happens.

The car was no more, it was swimming with the fishes. The mechanic had not been properly sober and was driving too fast. He did not see the sheep until it was too late.  

The car was no more and the poor young girl hung up her overalls and lay down her tools and has never fixed a car again.

I promised to never tell this tale but I have seen something I want on Amazon and the vouchers were a way of getting me to spill the beans.