Things to be thankful for

  1. The smile on Elizabeth’s face when we were told we were going home
  2. Hubby taking the day off in celebration
  3. The smile on Elizabeth’s face when we got in the car and she realised we were really going home
  4. The joy of a tv with more than Cbeebies
  5. Decent coffee in a decent mug
  6. A home cooked meal
  7. Watching Elizabeth eat said meal
  8. Elizabeth’s face when she saw her new bed all made up ready for her
  9. Having a bath
  10. A bedtime hug from Alison
  11. Decent toilet roll
  12. A glass on wine whilst relaxing on a comfy sofa blogging to you all to say thanks for the last month, you have all made it so much easier for me by being here x