Hospital related Letters

Dear Leukemia

You came and turned our world upside down but we are fighting you and you can feel it cant you. You are no longer in her bone marrow and soon you will be all gone. We will keep fighting you even when we cant see you because you are sneaky and you could come back but remember we are stronger than you are.

Kind Regards

The Seaton Family

Dear Bloods

Please start doing as you are told, two good results and we will be home. I know you are trying because your platelets are looking fantastic but please get your white blood cells in order, they have to start multiplying or we might be in here for another week.

Eagerly awaiting your response

Mummy Seaton

Dear Dietician

Bugger off, I will not let you put a tube back down my nose, I want to eat so let me eat. I dont like the tube and even though I dont like taking my medicines I am doing that so I dont have to have the tube. I am even eating when I am full or when I dont know what I want to eat. My mouth hurts with the ulcers but it is better to have a sore mouth than have a tube going into my stomach. I am big enough to make my own decisions, I asked for the tube when I needed it and . I will ask for it again if I need it in the future but for now I wont let you and mummy wont let you. I know you will come on Monday and say that I have to have it but I am going to try very hard to make sure that I have not lost anymore weight so you wont be allowed.

Happily Munching


Dear other parents

Turn your fucking tv’s off it is gone 11 o’clock at night and I would like to sleep.

Thank you

Tired Mummy of two