In, Out, In, Out and shake it all about

Since I wrote here last we have been back to the hospital three times. Once for a quick check up, once for a 48hr stay due to a high temperature and again today for some stronger pain killers. It is becoming a second home seen as I know I will be on our way back again on Wednesday.

Depending on Elizabeth’s blood results we may be starting the next round of Chemotherapy on Wednesday. This should hopefully be less intense that the first lot and then we will get 8 weeks on just oral chemotherapy before we have another four weeks in the new year.

Elizabeth’s personality has completely changed since we came out of hospital. She is talking to me again and is even wanting to play games. Although physically weak she is wanting to push herself and try to do things for herself instead of letting me do them for her.

I wish this horrible cough of hers would go away though, even though I know it is nothing to be worried about it still concerns me. I cant say I am enjoying sleeping on a mattress on the floor but Elizabeth wants me there so for now I am happy to be there. She has a feeding tube back in but she seems to have taken to it a lot better than last time and is even eating food when it is in. Hopefully this will mean that the weight will pile back on her and soon she will be back to her normal self.

Thanks to all the lovely people and companies who have helped us over the last month or so I will get round to saying thank you to you all soon.