Things more likely to happen than hitting the jackpot

The current holder of the world record for having distributed the largest lotto jackpot prize ever in March 2012, the American lottery Mega Millions displays impressive 9 digit top prizes – $656 million. Another power of the lottery world – US Powerball is yet another record holder for having delivered the biggest prize on one single ticket in November 2012 – $589 million.

How do these lottery jackpots get to such heights? It’s very simple: because the winning odds for its first category prize are extremely low: about 1 in 258 million for Mega Millions. Powerball features slightly better winning odd of 1 in 175 million, but things are about to change this autumn. As the odds of hitting the jackpot will drastically decrease to 1 in 292 million, the top prize has all the chances to reach a staggering $1 billion this year.  

Many people dream of winning the lottery, especially when the jackpot’s value is boosted by repeated rollovers. Despite the discouraging winning odds, some really do.  It is not uncommon to see a big Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot winner making the headlines. However, there are many other things with higher odds that rarely benefit from media attention. Here are some of them:

A fatal accident caused by a snacks or coffee delivering machine

What are the odds?  1 in 112 million

On average, two people in the United States are crushed by these machines every year.  We advise you to always be careful when you prepare your morning coffee or try to buy a bag of snacks from the machine. Better give up the coffee and play the lottery instead!

Dying during a high jacked flight

What are the odds?  1 in 25 million

Yes, we see a lot of them in the movies. Unfortunately, sometimes they are also for real. But the chances are a lot higher than hitting the US lottery jackpot.

Giving birth to identical quadruplets

What are the odds?  1 in 15 million

Many parents of this world would simply love to have four identical adorable babies. Not so many have them, but apparently the chances are higher that hitting it big with the American lottery.

Becoming the president of America

What are the odds?  1 in 10 million

Who’s the next US president? We ignore it for the moment, but we know for sure that he has more chances of being elected than a Mega Millions ticket stand in the US lottery’s next draw.

Becoming a Hollywood star

What are the odds?  1 in 1.5 million

There are several ways of making money in this world. Trying your luck at becoming a celebrity looks like a safer bet than the big lottery prize.

Being killed in a plane crash

What are the odds?  1 in 1 million

If you are so scared and refuse to get on a plane, you’d better pick some numbers and buy your Powerball ticket on theLotter! Or, even better: join a syndicate!? When luck strikes, you won’t be along! If the chances of 1 in 1 million seem likely to come true, maybe you can beat the statistics and win the lottery.

Being struck by lightning

What are the odds?  1 in 1 million

The odds of being a plane accident victim are tiny, and the same goes for being struck by a lightning. However, you should be careful: Peter McCathie from Nova Scotia proved all odds can be beaten during one lifetime. He was struck by a lightening on a perfect clear sky day, when he was 14: “I was trying to lock the boat up, it was a very sunny day, there was one big, white cloud in the sky and the lightning bolt came through the trees and hit me”, he said during a CTV interview. Recently, he became a millionaire by hitting the Canadian lotto 6/49 jackpot.

Being hit by an asteroid

What are the odds?  1 in 12.500

If we think about all those people dreaming to win the $400 Mega Millions jackpot, it should be raining with asteroids … at least when it rains.

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