Barbie Glitter Hair 

Barbie® Glitter Hair Doll is a fabulous new release by Mattel that allows you to decorate Barbie’s hair with fantastic glittery designs.
Barbie Glitter hair doll comes with 7 glitter pads, two hair bands, two hair clips, 16 adhesive designs, a comb and a hair holder that allows you to hold the hair still whilst you put the glitter design on the hair.
Clipping the hair into place, you add the adhesive design. Rub the design on the hair using the back of the comb and then place the glitter over the top to transfer the glitter on to the adhesive design.
I supervised putting the first decoration on Barbie’s hair and I am glad I did as rubbing the adhesive on without scrunching up the hair did take some practice but once I showed Elizabeth how to do it once she has been able to continue to do it herself.

The Barbie doll  in the Glitter Hair set has articulated hips, shoulders and head but not knees or elbows which Elizabeth found irritating as she would like to be able to position her a bit more whilst playing. However this doesnt detract from the hair play and she has other Barbie dolls to play with that do have more articulation points..

You can get Barbie Glitter Hair doll from Smyths Toys Superstore and other retail outlets.