DIY party bags for birthdays and special occasions

DIY party bags are a great gift to give to the attendees of a birthday party or any other special occasion. They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but you do need to think about what you will be putting into the bags. Read on to find out what things to keep in mind whilst creating DIY party bags.

Make in Bulk
Since you will need a gift set for each attendee of the event, it’s a good idea to create them in bulk. This means you should try to buy the individual pieces that will make up the gift sets in bulk also. Check out for some great vouchers that can be used to buy the gifts. Choose from an abundant choice of options from various brands and online stores. A great example of this is getting a set of 4 bottles of bubbles and splitting them between 4 gifts is a great way of saving money. 

How to Keep Costs Down
Firstly, you can keep costs down by making the same gift set for every single person. For example, if you try to be fancy by offering different gift sets based on age or gender, but purchasing the ingredients might prove to be more costly. You’ll also need better organization skills to create the correct amount of each gift set.

There Should Be A Theme
Before you actually begin creating your gift sets, make sure you think about the theme. This could be in line with your special occasion. For example, if it’s the birthday of a child who loves a particular sport or tv show then you can base it around that. You could also look at making the party themed too. 

Coordinate The Items
The different items that make up the gift set should be well matched. For example, it would make no sense to add beauty products and toy cars in the same gift basket. It helps if you think about who the recipients will be. For example, you could do a gift basket for the kids and the parents. 

Keep the age ranges of the kids at the event in mind, if they are mainly teenagers, then giving gift sets suitable for 5 year olds is not going to be practical. 

Do Your Research Online
If you have never put together do it yourself party bags before, then check out the online help that’s out there. There are websites and forums dedicated to teaching you how to create DIY party bags. Remember that party bags don’t have to just be for kids parties you can do them for weddings, hen nights and 21st birthdays just by adjusting the themes. Look at themes such as romance, fashion and even beauty to make the gift bags more grown up

Putting party bags together yourself gives you the option to make them super special and your guests really will appreciate the effort you make.