The senses of swimming

Mummy has taken me to a big building, it looks very funny and is a very weird shape, the doors whoosh open and the smell hits me,  what is that? I have never smelt anything like that before. I am all bundled up in Mummy’s arms but I start squirming to get a better look at where I am. I can hear lots of noises, children shouting, splashing and its all very loud and echoey.

Mummy lays me down on a hard surface and starts to take all my clothes off and it is very cold here so I start to complain (very loudly), I get squeezed into this funny nappy but it doesnt do up like my normal ones, it got pulled up my legs to cover my bum and I dont really like that either. Mummy picks me up and then I get lots of water all over my face, it is raining down from above, Mummy doesnt normally let me get wet by the sky water so I dont understand why she is holding me under this. I dont think I like this place anymore and I really want to get my clothes back on and go home.

The noise is getting louder and I can also hear other babies crying, this cant be a good place. Suddenly my feet start getting wet, I look around, it is like a giant bath and there are lots of other people around. The water is not as warm as my bath and I start to shiver but Mummy holds me tight and I soon warm up and start to feel a bit happier.

Mummy keeps hold of me and starts to sing some songs like twinkle twinkle and humpty dumpty, I quite like this now and I dont think the  water is cold anymore, most of the other babies have stopped crying as well. I love having Mummys complete attention and her voice is so soothing.

Ohh we are getting out now and suddenly I get very cold, Mummy wraps me in a nice warm fluffy towel and I start to feel very hungry and very tired. I let Mummy know that she has to feed me but she decides to dress me first which I am not happy about.

Once dressed and snuggled up in Mummys arms I enjoy my bottle and can smell my Mummys coffee just before falling fast asleep. 

This is a recap of Elizabeths first swimming experience. This post is for the BritMums Joy of Swimming Competition, sponsored by British Gas