Its real!

For over four months I have had a plan. A plan to give up work and become a childminder, I have researched it, built a website, got business cards and attended courses. It wasn’t until 3:20pm yesterday afternoon that this dream suddenly became a reality. Ofsted were coming and I had less than 24 hours notice.

A slight panic ensued but this was quickly overtaken by the fact that we had a guest last night in the shape of Annie (Mammasaurus) and she was on her Blog It for Babies tour. So when I should have been stressing, tidying, printing documents and generally tearing my hair out I was laughing till I cried, drinking a couple of bottles of wine, eating steak and generally having an amazing time.

This morning Annie helped do a quick tidy around, talked sense to me when I frantically started searching for my phones and then ate a bacon sandwich. The morning was fairly calm and then she went on her way with only 30 minutes to spare before Ofsted turned up.

Some might call me mad but actually I think it all really helped and when the lovely lady (not a dragon as expected) arrived I was calm and able to talk through everything she needed whilst having a laugh and feeling very comfortable. She even complimented me and said she wished all registration visits were as easy and that she can easily see me getting an Outstanding in my first inspection.

So now I am just waiting, waiting for May to finish, waiting to finish work and waiting for some clients.

I am so excited and finally I feel as though everything is coming together.