Finding Time

At the moment it seems that all I am trying to do is to chase time, trying to catch it and hold onto it for a little while so I can do something interesting with it.

I am torn between the things I have to do like work, the things I want to do like play with the kids or blog and the things that I need to do like first aid courses, childminder courses and childminder preparations.

I cant wait for the end of May when I no longer have to work but then I am also panicking about the end of May when I no longer have to work! I hope that Ofsted will be out to me soon and that I pass the registration. I need to start advertising and lining children up ready for mid June otherwise the stress might get to me.

In the mean time I will blog when at work and work when at home and some how squeeze in some great family time between all the evening courses and the training runs for my 10k. At least I know in three weeks I wont have to be doing that as well.

So as I look at the time and weigh up sleeping verses writing childminding policies I think fo ronce my bed might just have to win.