The Popchips #GetPopped Challenge – Day Six – A Family Break to Butlins #Multipopchips

As part of the Popchips Get Popped challenge we were given a £500 budget. As I hadn’t spent very much all week we decided to really spoil ourselves as we got towards the end of the challenge. It’s our six year wedding anniversary today and so we decided to head to our families happy place and we set off on the road to Butlins Bognor Regis to spend the weekend together as a family.

Unfortunately, I came to the end of my Multipack of Popchips today, they make a great healthy travelling snack and I will have to add them to my future shopping lists. Even the girls have enjoyed helping me eat them and at only 3.5 syns per packet they really fitted in well with the Slimming World plan. 

We love Butlins and we have not been so far this year so the girls were really happy to get this opportunity. I turned off the notifications on my phone and really enjoyed spending time doing things together as a family.
We tried activities we have not done before such as fun fencing as well as enjoying some of our favourites such as the fun fair, bowling, swimming and watching the shows.
We have never been to Butlins for Halloween before and the girls had lots of fun dressing up to join in with all the activities on resort.
We also caught up with some of our old friends in the Skyline Gang. 
Some people think we are mad that we spent our wedding anniversary at Butlins but it means so much to us as a family that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some quality family time at one of our favourite places.  We are looking forward to the rest of our weekend here at Butlins and to making more family memories thanks to the Popchips Get popped challenge.