The Lost Carnival – The thing I am most upset to miss this year

Putting together my schedule at the beginning of the year may seem like a great idea but then you realise that you have a date clash so early on and there is nothing that you can do apart from feel sad about it. Unfortunately for me it is too late to correct but don’t make my mistake. Get your diaries and your calendars and mark The Lost Carnival down as this is something that should not be missed.
The Lost Carnival will appear in Queen’s Park in Crewe between the hours of 4 and 9.30pm.  The audience will enter on timed tickets between 4 and 6.30pm to stagger entry to the carnival.

Last year we helped to save the Ingenues Carnival from what we believed to be the evil Bird family but could we have been wrong? Could the Ingenues be the ones at fault? The audience must decide and through clever podcasts, social media posts and secret family correspondence you must put together the mysteries of these family feuds and help in the battle of the carnivals.

The Lost Carnival was a highlight of 2015 and an amazing evening of magic and wonder that we thoroughly enjoyed and I would highly recommend this for families of all ages. So choose your sides, get your tickets and let the battle commence!

Early Bird tickets cost £10 per person (under 3s go free). Carnival goers should dress for the weather, and wear sturdy shoes.