Top things to do after the kids have gone to bed

Well, the holiday season has finally gone and we can all look forward to getting back into a set routine. So, we can enjoy things like playing at gaming brands like this one when the little ones have gone to bed giving us some peace and quiet.  However, the start of the school term means that the little ones have been at school all day long and instead of relaxing eating too many mince pies a lot of us are back at work which can be more than a little tiring. Add to that the cost of Christmas rising all of the time, and it can often be a stressful time of the year. But what I’ve found is that if I get them back into a routine quickly, then they’ll be much more likely to go to sleep easier in the evenings which means that I can enjoy a little me-time.

So in preparation for this highly-anticipated event, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things to do when the kids have gone to bed. Whether it’s watching the latest movies, playing online games or even just having a quiet glass of wine, it is the perfect time to unwind!

On-screen entertainment

As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I’ve definitely watched enough movies and TV series this year. But there are some films that I haven’t been able to watch in front of the kids. So this New Year I’m going to be sure to check out films like The Babadook that’ll make for a perfectly scary winter’s nighttime entertainment. And just in case things get a little too terrifying, I’ll be sure to unwind with a quick game of online blackjack with a glass of Martini thanks to the Betway site that means that I’ll be having my own little Monte Carlo casino experience in the comfort of my living room!

Relaxing in style

I will be ignoring Dry January and instead of spending the month looking after me something I don’t do often enough and I will be sure to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with the hubby. And thankfully, many sites like Virgin Wine are offering some great deals in the sales so I might stock up and see how long it can all last. Whilst choosing a good bottle of wine can be like playing a particularly tricky game of roulette, there’s one thing that’s endlessly reliable – and that’s the simple pleasures of having a particularly luxurious bath. And I’m really looking forward to relaxing and using some of the Lush bath bombs that the girls got me for Christmas. There is nothing quite as lovely as a hot bath to combat the wear and tear caused by these constant downpours and chilly winter winds!

So although we might only get a couple of hours to ourselves after putting the kids to bed, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a glass of wine, a good hot bath, a quick casino game and a nicely terrifying film as a reward for being such busy mums!

Why not put a date with yourself in your diary and really enjoy your evening once the kids have gone to bed?