When you see a sale so good you have to share #onepoundsaucyfish

Now I love eating fish but I hate the hassle and I hate having to pick out bones and scales so I eat a lot of products from The Saucy Fish Co especially as the weather gets warmer. The thing is that fish is quite expensive and as delicious as it is I can’t afford to have it as often as I would like so when heard that The Saucy Fish Co were having an online one day sale where all of their products are just £1 I knew I had to share this with you (after I placed my own order obviously!). 
The Saucy Fish Co’s £1 flash sale is to celebrate the fact that the brand has just been voted the number one
seafood brand in the world which is amazing but not surprising if you have tried their products. The Grimsby based CoolBrand was judged against 19 other leading seafood brands from across the world on their branding, logo, digital presence and website.
Considering these products range from £3.00 to £4.50 you can get an amazing saving and if you have yet to try the Saucy Fish products then it is a great time to do so. To go to the site to take advantage of this sale just click the image above and then choose which items you want to try. I am a big lover of their Salmon products with their saucy centre fishcakes and salmon in chilli dressing among my favourites but I have to say after sampling the Chorizo, sherry and herb sauce with king prawns and squid I may have just beaten them all. The great thing about a sale like this is that it allows you to try products that you might not otherwise buy. The Chorizo, Sherry and Herb sauce with prawns and Squid is a prime example for me because it contains alcohol I wouldn’t have paid full price for it as I often dont like the taste of alcohol in my food. However as I had the opportunity to try some different items in return for sharing the details of the sale I thought I would give it a try and it will not be firmly on my list.
A lot of the saucy fish co products are fantastic on their own with new potatoes and salad but you could also use them to create a variety of recipes. I can just imagine the chorizo product mixed in with some cous cous or cooked risotto rice or the cooked salmon broken in to a cheesy sauce served with pasta or my all time favourite is using the smoked haddock in cheese sauce to create a delicious fish pie. There are a great selection of recipe ideas on the Saucy Fish Co website for you to try out  or you could just make up your own but first you need to take advantage of this amazing offer because after today you will be back to paying full price.

The sale is on whilst stock lasts and only 5 items per customer so get in quick!