Phone free weekend!

Due to Beth being ill at school on Friday I left work early and left my phone charger there. This led to a Phone free weekend after my battery died on Friday evening. No emails, no phone calls, no texts and no twitter.

With the weather being amazing this weekend this wasn’t really an issue and I didn’t even notice on Saturday as we spent the day in the garden with friends. Today however I missed my phone but not for contacting people or for them contacting me and not even for twitter, today I missed my phone camera. I have got so used to taking pictures on my phone that I didn’t even think to take my camera with me when we headed off to Camelot today.

There was so many great moments that I wished I could have captured on camera including the rather ravishing Sir Lancelot, I know you girls would have liked to drool over him.

So a great day was had by the whole family but I don’t have any photos to show of it needless to say next time we go anywhere I will definitely remember my camera!