Thanks to Manchester United

I never thought I would say thanks to Manchester United as a Liverpool fan but when I saw my bed at 2:30 this morning, and I saw the sign that told me that Manchester United had paid for that particular bed, I quietly said thanks. Nothing has looked quite as good as that bed looked to me last night. So why am I back sleeping in a bed donated by Manchester United? Those of you on my twitter feed know that Elizabeth spiked a temperature of over 40 last night so we ended up in A & E. After three blood tests and three cannulas we finally got a chance to sleep.Sleep when in hospital is very important and very hard to come by. With other parents snoring, nurses talking, kids crying and machines beeping the only way you can have a decent nights sleep is if the beds are comfortable.I have written about the cupboard beds before but when I lay down last night, and the plastic coated memory foam moulded to my body and made me feel comfortable, I truly felt grateful.
I am not sure how long we will be in hospital for but I am assuming that it will be at least 2 days. I have my internet and Elizabeth has her DVDs so between us we will be OK. I just wish it wasn’t my birthday tomorrow. Hubby better bring me cake!