Alternative Outdoor Exercise

The sun has peaked itself around the corner of the clouds and it got me thinking that I might like to start exercising again. Last year I trained for the great Manchester 10k but I never enjoyed running outdoors.I have asked my family for some money for my birthday so I can buy a bike but I see that as a leisurely ride not a form of exercise. I want the exercise to be fun though and when I received an email from asking me if I wanted some help towards my garden makeover project I couldn’t resist. Writing this post has added to my savings and I am one step closer to my ultimate dream garden.

I decided that exercising on a trampoline would be quite a fun post to write. Unfortunately circumstances have conspired against me and although I wanted to accompany this post with a video of various exercises performed on our trampoline that is not to be. Instead I have to get you to use your imagination.So

I was looking at our garden and thinking about all the different types of exercises that you can do in your own space. From sprint relays from one end of the garden to the other and the normal assault course over the kids toys to aerobic exercises on the trampoline there are so many things that you can do that are free and fun. You can also get the kids involved and have races against them or get them to count your star jumps.

As long as the sun is shining I won’t need a gym to help me lose weight and keep fit this summer, I will just use my garden!